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Final Fantasy Fans Unite!

This are gifts, gil, and characters that members have donated prior to joining. This is just for fun! Feel free to donate your unnecessary items! You'd be shocked to see what we have! NEW STUFF HAS BEEN ADDED!

Gil Donations:
  • 44,508 gil total from various members

Gift Items, Armor, etc.
A Materia from liark2z
Phoenix Down from aftertaster7
12 Elixers from Seimyx
99 Gysahl Grass from Static-Foil
A Chocobo Feather from Phreine
A FF themed Designer Wallet from Christ1nMe
2 Hi-Potions and 1 Elixer from DavisJes
2 Hi-Potions and 7 Chocobo Feathers from ribonsnlace
A Remedy from Berzurca
Spell of Maiden's Kiss from chaos-of-vinnie
Oak Grandfather Clock from Henaru
A cat-ear hood from blankfaceisclaimed
Stack of Silver Beastcoins from Seimyx
Al Bhed Primer 1, the Canopic Jar from oragamiknight
Gunner Dressphere from asiangrl171
12 Antidotes from GimmickS-studio
Ribbon from AlanPrince
Tetra Master Cards "Kain's Lance" & 3x "Blazer Beetle" from Gouka64
Potions from xXChibiStarrXx
Cat Nip (FFX-2) from DippyWerewolf
FF Crystal Chronicles - Kaze No Ne from ricecuni

Gift Weapons, Magic, Abilities
Ultima Blade from X-yagami2k-X
A Gunblade from Monkeystorm9
A Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni from howlingvoice
Highwind and Final Heaven (Ability) from animemangakuryujiru
Knights of the Round Materia from Epsilon86
Lvl 16 Cure (FFII) from Autismdegree
Masamune from IllusiveElusive
Lv5 Knights Of The Round Materia katt315
Excalibur from Autismdegree
Angeal's Buster Sword from Arleveon
Holy Staff from ribonsnlace
Tournesol and the Zodiac Spear from Paulcellx
Cloud's FF7AC Buster Sword from GunMetalX-21
Noctic's Sword from GimmickS-studio
Lighting's Omega Weapon from KaiserPrime
Gilgamesh's Weapon Set from OverOneHundred
Dragoon Spear from xXChibiStarrXx
Tupsimati from fadeddreamss

Extremely Rare Gifts
An Airship from X-yagami2k-X
A Aeon's Soul (FFX) from Christ1nMe
Chocobo Stable from Henaru  
A lock of Ramza's hair from FellTheWolf
A bottle of cider from KristenPlescow
Genesis Plushie from katt315
A Blitzball with Wakka's autograph from Tifa22
A Bottle of Bhujerba's Finest Madhu from windinmysails
Oak Grandfather Clock from Henaru
Moogle Pom-Pom found lying around from Meleni
Fully cooked behemoth steak from oragamiknight
Sephiroth's Conditioner from Zhepgig
Sephiroth's Wing Feather from KillerTortoise
Piece of Sazh's Afro from ItsJustSuppi
Certificate for a free stay at the Inn in South Figaro from xXChibiStarrXx
An Oglop from Schnee-Fee
A date with Dagger from Rintarou-kun
Gippal's eyepatch from barananduen
Jenova's Cells from KorNaXon
One of Nidhogg's Eyes from Seimyx

The Lounge:
Kain Highwind was invited by ShadedRogue
Tidus was invited by Xinder5
A Moogle from FragmentChaos
A Cactuar from windbirdy
Ifrit from kinomoto
A Chicobo from RamzaWolf
1/35 SOLDIER was invited by Echizen-Ryoma
2/35 SOLDIER, Zack Fair, the Chocobo Sage, and herself from katt315
A Black Chocobo from Toyger
Boco (FFV) from Autismdegree
Cloud was invited by Rhoey
Moogle without the Pom-Pom from wylf
Another Moogle from blankfaceisclaimed
Penelo was invited by Raue
Big Chocobo from HaruTotetsu
Balthier in just a towel was invited by AngelsArcher
Vincent Valentine was invited by YuWeii
Cecil Harvey & Edgar Figaro were invited by xXChibiStarrXx
Faris Scherwiz was invited by Schnee-Fee
Kam'lanaut was invited by Seimyx
Shaved Hypello was invited by barananduen
Alphinaud Leveilleur was invited by fadeddreamss

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Crystal Chronicles
Cosplay Collection
Final Fantasy Literature
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Lights, Cameras, ACTION - Contest


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.:: HOW TO JOIN ::.

Welcome to Final Fantasy Infinity!

In order to join, there are rules that deviants must read first, understand, and follow in order to keep the group from going out of control.

We have created the Guidelines/Rules in several different languages. Please read the Guidelines in your most comfortable language. If there are any errors, feel free to help us out! We want to make this Group as Global as possible! :]


:bulletred: If your membership gets "Declined," it means that you did not read the Guidelines at all or very carefully.

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Behold the Favorites Section full of other very nice works of the Final Fantasy series! They hold a special place in our hearts! :star:

Group Info

The group dedicated to SquareENIX's greatest franchise, the Final Fantasy series!

This group dedicates itself to the very first Final Fantasy, the Fabula Nova Crystallis Compilation, Ivalice Alliance, Crystal Chronicles series, the sequels, and even the spin-offs. It is also dedicated to providing you with the latest news regarding new any Final Fantasy games.
Super Group
Until Nov 9, 2015

Founded 6 Years ago
Nov 5, 2009


Group Focus
Fan Club

3,397 Members
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152,126 Pageviews
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